AnalogFolk Hack Festival – Transport

what3words was pleased to be the API partner at AnalogFolk’s Hack Festival on Saturday 4th July. Around 70 developers turned up at the fantastic AnalogFolk office in Clerkenwell, greeted by a spread of food and drink the abundance of which lasted through the day. Once the teams had been formed the transport brief (below) was introduced. what3words’ Product Manager Will Henderson helped judge the hacks, scoring the teams on their effectiveness to answer the brief, technical innovation and speed to prototype.

Congratulations to Dumbo-Route who won 1st prize for their innovative approach to helping people remember directions with a clever combination of what3words and Google Streetview.

Other winners and projects of note included the Barbarians ChromeExtension that reverse geocodes points of interests into 3 words in the browser, Gaffer & Grain who match commuters to make commuting safer & more enjoyable and Needle, an elegant compass that informs the user of the direction in which they need to actually walk or ride, following roads and crossing to reach a destination.

All the hacks can be seen here.


The brief:

How can we use digital to make the analog experience of transport better?


  • We’re talking about any means of getting around London – this can focus on one means of transport or a combination of many
  • You are not limited to existing transport companies (London Underground, Santander Bikes) – walking, cycling, scooters, cabs etc. are also ways to get around
  • Think you can improve current services?
  • Feel free to use, collaborate and build upon existing products (such as Citymapper, TFL Journey Planner…)
  1. Faster: How can you get from A to B in the quickest, most efficient way?
  2. Cheaper: How can you travel in the most cost effective way without compromising efficiency?
  3. Greener: How can you create less waste, emissions and pollution and help towards a cleaner journey?
  4. Safer: How can you improve the safety of travelling around London?