Convert what3words to any other Spatial Reference System with TWCC

TWCC, The World Coordinate Converter, is an open and free web application designed and built by Clément Ronzon that allows to convert spacial coordinates between most of the existing systems.

Most of the CRSs (Coordinate Reference Systems) are based on numbers and sometimes on letters organized in a logical manner.

What3words is an innovative coordinate system and is new in its kind. Based on random words in various languages, it has apparently no mathematical or logical link with the most known CRS: WGS84, aka GPS.

Fortunately what3words provides an API for conversions from and to WGS84.

This has been a new challenge to integrate what3words system inside TWCC and the result is up to the expectations.

You can try now to use w3w system inside TWCC: convert “knife.spoon.fork” to GPS!