Nestoria and w3w API Libraries

Most readers of this blog will be very familiar with the what3words API: we try very hard to make our API as easy to use as possible. One developer proudly told us that it took her only 20 minutes from signing-up and receiving her API key to having a working implementation of what3words in her app. (This is a record waiting to be broken…).

We’re seeing great support from developers to make our API even easier to use, ranging from feedback and requests (which we love to receive) right up to the creation of these beautifully simple API libraries/wrappers, thanks to the team at Lokku and Nestoria:

There are  more details over on the Nestoria techblog, and of course on the pages for the libraries themselves. We’ve got a feeling that these libraries might just be the key that helps someone crack the 20 minute w3w API implementation record!

We’re extremely grateful to the guys (Marc and Ignacio) for making these and publishing them with such clear guidance.

In the meantime, get on over to Nestoria and see what3words in action – how about looking for somewhere to live in the puxar.diretos.chamam area of Rio de Janeiro