what3words offline SDK launch

We’re very excited here at what3words to announce that conversion of 3 words<>lat,long is now available for offline applications.

what3words is based on an algorithm rather than a database (it would be one big beast of a database…). The 3 words for all 57 trillion of our 3 metre x 3 metre grid squares are algorithmically pre-determined: this makes it possible for us to compress it down into a very compact package which will work on the lowest spec of (e.g.) Android handsets.

Offline what3words comes in the form of an SDK for integration into a mobile app, desktop or server environment. The SDK is very small, weighing in at less than 10MB.

It’s easy to install and once your’re up and running you can make simple calls to the SDK for bi-directional conversions of 3 words<>lat,long

That’s it: it should be very simple to use, so please get in touch if you want to find out more.

NB: OneWords are not supported by the offline SDK: these will continue as an online only shortcut to a 3 word location.