AutoSuggest for what3words

We are excited to announce what3words new AutoSuggest feature available on Android in English & Portuguese.

When searching for a 3 word location; before you press enter the app will make some clever suggestions about what it thinks you meant, even if your search contains typos or other mistakes. You can select to display locations near you or anywhere in the world.

AutoSuggest works by looking at what you have typed and matching it to the nearest valid what3words locations. 

With “near me” selected, you can make a large number of typos and even mishear a location, since only 1 in 50,000 valid what3words locations in the world will be within 100km of your current location.

Update your what3words app to the latest version or download it from w3w.co/android

With AutoSuggest you will  never have to ask “spoon or spoons?” again.

AutoSuggest is currently available for developers to use with the Android and iOS SDK.