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Berlin MediaHackDay

what3words attended the MediaHackDay hackathon as an API partner over the weekend. Held at the Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator in Berlin, the event saw 20 teams of developers and designers hacking together car and transportation orientated apps. Other API partners present included Spotify, TomTom, Der Spiegal and Bosch. Some fun, crazy, interesting, useful (and […]

AutoSuggest for what3words

We are excited to announce what3words new AutoSuggest feature available on Android in English & Portuguese. When searching for a 3 word location; before you press enter the app will make some clever suggestions about what it thinks you meant, even if your search contains typos or other mistakes. You can select to display locations near you or anywhere […]

Launching the what3words Developer Portal

Welcome to the new what3words Developer Portal. We are pleased to introduce a dedicated online space for developers to discover how easy it is to integrate what3words into their platforms and applications. Our API methods have been carefully documented and sample code has been provided to ensure a quick start for all looking to integrate […]

RSTATS interface to what3words

We love developer and community engagement here at what3words and we’re pleased to see the latest example from Barry Rowlingson, Research Fellow at the Lancaster Medical School. We noticed on twitter that he has “just bashed out an #rstats interface to @what3words” and we encourage our tech blog readers to take a look at his work, posted […]

Street Address lookups using w3w

Address lookups what3words is brilliant at pinpointing exact locations. On occasions though, we still need the street address at that location – for deliveries, for example. What if I could type “slices.second.indeed” into a website, and have my street address magically appear? No chance of a mistyped street address, and the delivery driver gets an […]