what3words address

These examples show how we recommend displaying a what3words address.

The basics

A what3words address is designed to be easy to read and write, and be recognised by the API. It comprises of three forward slashes with no spaces, followed by the three words in lowercase, each separated by a dot with no spaces. For example: ///table.lamp.spoon

SlashesThree forward slashes, no spaces, same weight. Use red or your brand colour.

WordsThe character length may vary. No spaces before or after. Keep the same weight and colour.

Dots(full stop or period) No spaces before or after. Same weight, same colour

Text only///nation.jumper.stone

On a screen

When adding a what3words address to your product the API provides properties such as nearest location, distance to, and secondary languages. Inspect the figma file to get all of the usage guidelines.

On a Screen

On an image

When displaying a what3words address over a photograph or in a video, use the callout designs below or create your own. You can also use the Photo feature in the what3words app to add a sticker to an image. We’ve provided some examples below.

1. Use a bounding box to ensure high legibility on complex images

2. Adding area information (Area, Country) helps your audience understand the purpose of the sticker

3. Visual hint for placing squares: 3 metres is about 4 normal steps long

Saudi Red Crescent Authority
Triumph Miskovici - co-branded call-out image
Ambulance in Tazmania, Australia
Carousel controls

In print

In Print

1. Always use “///” to make it easier to identify a what3words address in text. e.g. ///filled.count.soap

2. No spaces between letters, and avoid line breaks in a what3words address

3. Use the same font as the paragraph of text

4. Avoid italics and ensure a high contrast with the background

5. Test legibility using the Scan feature in the what3words app, sans-serif typefaces work best

On a delivery label

On a delivery label

what3words doesn’t replace other address information on a delivery label, more is always better.

1. The what3words address should appear after the other address information

2. Only produce in one colour (black is preferable)

4. Test legibility using the Scan feature in the what3words app, san-serif typefaces work best


Signs are a permanent and visible way to display a what3words address on your front doors, business entrance, delivery points and facilities. They remind your customers and employees of your what3words address and encourage them to use it.