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Configuring Geocortex Essentials to use what3words


what3words can be integrated as a geocoding service within Geocortex Essentials. Adding the what3words ArcGIS Locator functions just as any other geocode service within the Geocortex Essentials application allowing you to discover what3words addresses or search for a what3words address.


Open Geocortex Essentials Manager

Open your Site in Geocortex Essentials Manager and navigate to the Geocoding tab of GIS Services


Add a Geocoding Service

Select the ArcGIS Geocoding Service type

Enter an appropriate display name for the service

Choose the Token Security (by user) option

Populate the service URL, Username, and Password field.


Username: Email address you used to create a what3words API key

Password: your what3words API key.

Select the service name from the list with the language required.

You can now configure your new what3words geocode service to be the default geocode service.

Click “Include in Global Search:” to use within the Global Search


Using the service

Find out the what3words address for a location through the right-click context window.

Find a what3words address through the search



If you have an issue with displaying the what3words geocoding system on GeoCortex Essentials, it could be that the token of the what3words ArcGIS geocoding service has expired since, by default, GeoCortex Essentials assumes the token duration of all your ArcGIS services is 60 minutes, which is the ArcGIS default.
However, if the token duration of any of your ArcGIS services is shorter, you must specify the token duration in Essentials.

Here is a tutorial in GeoCortex Essential that explains how to specify the token duration. You can also follow these steps to update the token duration of your what3words ArcGIS geocoding service:

  1. Open the Essentials web.config file
  2. In the appSettings element, add a new add element.
  3. Add a key attribute to appSettings and set it to ArcGisRestMapServiceBase.MaximumTokenDuration.
  4. Add a value attribute to appSettings and set it to the maximum token duration in minutes.

For example, to set the maximum token duration to 5 minutes:
<add key="ArcGisRestMapServiceBase.MaximumTokenDuration" value="5" />

Note: It was tested that reducing the MaximumTokenDuration to 5 minutes can help to retrieve the token faster and avoids any interruptions in your current workflow.

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