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What is the what3words Voice API?

The what3words Voice API allows a user to say three words into any application or service, with it returning a configurable list of what3words address suggestions, all through a single API call.

Select your language, click the microphone button, and speak any 3 word address. Responses from the API will appear below.

This example uses the current location obtained from your web browser to improve the accuracy of results. The what3words AutoSuggest algorithm provides powerful features that can be used to highly optimise returned results. For example, it is possible to optionally limit results to a country or area, and prioritise results that are near the user. For a full list of configuration options, please refer to either the reference docs or the Voice API playground.

The underlying speech recognition technology is powered by Speechmatics


Getting started

The first steps to getting started are:

  1. Get your free API key.
  2. Currently the Voice API is in beta, and therefore, access is granted upon request. Please contact us at to enable the Voice API for your account.

Technical Resources

We provide both reference documentation for the Voice API, as well as a sample Python application to get you started quickly.

We recommend you begin by familiarising yourself first with the reference material which will guide you through the mechanics of the WebSocket streaming implementation. Before moving onto the the sample Python example to help build your first application.

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