Adding the Planet Federal what3words plugin to QGIS


The Planet Federal QGIS plugin brings the functionality of the what3words API to the QGIS platform. You can use the plugin to convert from coordinates to 3 word addresses by adding a field to a shapefile as well as searching for 3 word addresses or inspecting the map to view the 3 word address for a location.

You will need a what3words API key to complete this tutorial.


Download the plugin

Download the QGIS plugin from here.


Adding plugin to QGIS

Copy the ‘what3words’ folder to your QGIS plugin folder (this can be found by going to Settings > User profiles > Open Active Profiles Folder). The plugin should be in the python -> plugins folder

Next, open QGIS, and the “what3words Tools” plugin will appear under the list of available plugins in the “Manage and Install plugin” tool. Click on the what3words plugin to enable.

Once enabled, you will see what3words under the plugin tab where you can add your API key.


Using the plugin

The plugin provides:

  • A map tool for interrogating the map to discover a 3 word address.
    3 word address search
  • Appending a 3 word address field to a layer of points within the QGIS Processing Toolbox (Processing > Toolbox > what3words Tools).
  • Adding a CSV of 3 word addresses to a layer (geocoding 3 word addresses) within the QGIS Processing Toolbox (Processing > Toolbox > what3words Tools).

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