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Adding the Planet Federal what3words plugin to QGIS


The Planet Federal QGIS plugin brings the functionality of the what3words API to the QGIS platform. You can use the plugin to convert from coordinates to 3 word addresses by adding a field to a shapefile as well as searching for 3 word addresses or inspecting the map to view the 3 word address for a location.


Download the plugin

Download the QGIS plugin from here.
This will automatically download the zip file containing the plugin.
Extract the zip file to reveal the contents.


Adding the plugin to QGIS

Once the plugin file has been downloaded and unzipped, copy the what3words folder to the QGIS plugin directory.
This can be found by going to Settings > User profiles > Open Active Profiles Folder. This will open the file explorer at the location to paste the what3words folder into.

The plugin should be in the python > plugins directory.

Now open QGIS and choose Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins > type on the search bar for the what3words plugin and tick it to enable it.

Once enabled, you will see what3words under the Plugins tab, choose the Plugin Settings menu and then Paste the API Key, that you have copied from your what3words account.


Using the plugin

There are 4 options available with the what3words plugin:

  • Identify a what3words address.
  • Zoom to a what3words address.
  • Extract what3word addresses for a Point Layer.
  • Geocode a file using what3word addresses.

1. Identify a what3words address

Using the what3words tool, simply click anywhere in the QGIS map canvas and the what3words address for that location will be shown in a message bar.

2. Zoom to a what3words address

If you are given a what3words address, you can use the ‘Zoom to 3-word address’ tool to find that location.

From the Plugins menu > choose what3words > Zoom to a 3-word address and a new toolbar will be embedded at the top of the map canvas.

Type a 3 word address into the input field, then click on Zoom to button, the map will then auto centre over the chosen what3words location and a red cross marker will be displayed on the map canvas.

If you wish to remove the marker, you can by clicking on the Remove marker button, or simply close the Zoom to a 3-word address toolbar.

3. Extract what3word address for a Point Layer.

Users can append a 3 word address field to a layer of points by using the ‘Add what3words address field to layer’ tool available within the Processing Toolbox.

In case, the Processing Toolbox is not displayed on QGIS. Users can enable it by clicking on the Processing tab > Toolbox, then search for the what3words Tools.

Simply select the input Point Layer and then choose an output option.
Once the tool has run, the what3words field is added to the layer and the address for each location has been extracted.

4. Geocode a file using what3word addresses

Users can also add a CSV file that has records with what3words address that wish to show on the map and convert into a layer.

Open the CSV file into QGIS and then from the Processing Toolbox search for the what3words Tools, choose the ‘Geocode what3words address layer’ option.

Choose the input to be the CSV file, and choose which field in the CSV contains the what3words addresses.

Press Run and the CSV file will be geocoded using the what3words address values. A new point layer will be created.

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