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Adding the what3words Shopify Plus app


The what3words Shopify Plus app allows a 3 word address field to be added to a Shopify Plus checkout page. Customers can then add a 3 word address to orders for more accurate deliveries.

Shopify Plus is required for developers to make changes to checkout fields, and therefore you must be using Shopify Plus for our app to function correctly.



To add the what3words Shopify Plus app to a store, first log in to your Shopify developer account.

Install the app by adding the following URL to your internet browser:[shophandle] – where [shophandle] is the handle for the store to be installed on.
Click to “Install unlisted app”

Select “Apps” from the store menu to verify the what3words app is installed.


Enable app

Select the what3words app and enter your API key. Click “Save”

Now click “Installation” at the top of the app admin page.

There are two options to add the field to your checkout page either:

Select your theme and checkout asset file (Not recommended for customer checkout layout)


Manually add the script to your site by editing code and manually adding the script.

A new field should now appear on the checkout page


Viewing the 3 word address for an order

The 3 word address is saved against an order within the Additional Details section of the order page. This can then be printed on order summaries or exported with orders to pass on to delivery companies.


How to obtain the what3words field using Stores API

In Shopify, the what3words address attributes are stored in the customers’ orders of the Shopify Orders REST API as "note_attributes".

The API request to make to the Shopify Orders REST API should be:
GET {{your-shopify-site}}/admin/api/2021-01/orders/{{order_id}}.json

The API response should be:

"note_attributes": [
        "name": "what3words address",
        "value": "filled.count.soap"
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