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Installing the what3words BigCommerce app


The what3words BigCommerce app allows a what3words address field to be added to the checkout page of a BigCommerce store. This enables customers to provide a what3words address with orders for faster and more reliable deliveries.

BigCommerce Minimum Supported Version: the stores need to have BigCommerce’s Optimized One-Page Checkout enabled as mentioned in this guide.

Before you start, please make sure you are using the Stencil theme, and have ‘Optimise one-page checkout’ enabled.

  1. Select: Settings > Advanced > Account sign up form > Address Fields > Create a New Field > Text Field
  2. In Field Name, write ‘what3words Address’

Once the plugin is installed this text field will become what3words-enabled.

1Install the what3words BigCommerce app

Go to Apps > Marketplace, then search for ‘what3words’


2Installation process
  1. Install the what3words app in your existing BigCommerce stores
  2. Sign up or log into what3words to create a what3words API key
  3. Once the API key has been created, select Back to plugin site to go back to BigCommerce
  4. Click Launch, then select the API key you just created
  5. Scroll down to Configure basic features and click Save Settings

Additional settings

You can override the default label for the address field by selecting this option and specifying the label text. We recommend using the default label with “(optional)” text where possible.

You can override the default placeholder for the address field by selecting this option and specifying the placeholder text. We recommend you use the default placeholder value, as it provides your customers with an example of how to use the what3words Address Field but it is also useful to change the address to a location in your market.

To provide guidance explaining what3words to the customer, you can display a tooltip explainer and its question mark icon next to the what3words field.
This message will be displayed on the tooltip explainer:

what3words addresses help our delivery partners find you first time. Find yours at

We provide a number of options for clipping the AutoSuggest results, limiting the addresses that can be validated and captured. You can clip suggestions to a number of countries by providing comma-separated 2-digit ISO codes for each country you wish to clip to. This will ensure suggestions provided are clipped within the countries specified. You can also clip within a circle, a bounding box, or a polygon.

Note:  When providing multiple clippings the intersection of each polygon is what forms the suggestions provided when using the what3words Address Field.

For most checkouts, we recommend skipping these options as the clip to country is automatically set when a user selects a country for their billing and/or shipping information as they select a country from the dropdown menu options in the checkout form.

When a what3words address is captured in this field, it will be saved within the order details and will be visible in the order preview and shipping label screens.

In BigCommerce, the what3words address attributes are stored as customFields in both shipping and billing address forms in the Orders endpoints of the BigCommerce Orders REST API.

Please follow this guide to be able to access the BigCommerce API.

The API request to make to the BigCommerce Orders REST API should be:


  • Substitute your storefront domain for
  • Substitute the orderId with your order number.

The API response should be:

  "orderId": "1",
  "billingAddress": {
    "customFields": [
        "fieldId": "what3words Address",
        "fieldValue": "///filled.count.soap"
  "shipping": [
    "customFields": [
        "fieldId": "what3words Address",
        "fieldValue": "///filled.count.soap"

Troubleshooting Login Issues with BigCommerce iFrames

We are currently addressing a known issue where users can only log into our plugin when it’s embedded in a BigCommerce iframe through Google Chrome. Here’s a quick overview of the problem and our immediate actions:

Issue: Restricted login capability to Google Chrome.


  • Investigating session and cookie handling differences across browsers.
  • Testing login functionality in browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Edge to identify specific issues.
  • Recommending the use of Google Chrome as a temporary workaround.

Updates will be provided as our investigation progresses and solutions are implemented. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this.

Have any questions?

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