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Installing the what3words Yext integration


The what3words Yext integration enriches the location data managed via Yext and is an efficient way to automatically generate and publish what3words addresses across many brands and publishing sites.

It brings the basic functionalities from the what3words API to the Knowledge Graph Location entities, by converting the latitude and longitude of entity locations into what3words addresses.

Getting started with Manuela, Product Manager at what3words:


To use this integration, you will need to log in/sign up to:

After logging into Yext, you need to make sure to have accurate locations for your entities before installing the what3words Yext integration.

To refine these addresses, the map markers of your Display addresses need to be moved to the precise location of your entities entrance using the Yext map window.

1. Tap on the map window of the location object;
2. Zoom in and switch to satellite view to see more detail;
3. Drag the map, to the precise location of the entrance;
4. Place the marker of the Display address on your location entrance;
5. Then Save your location.

2What does the what3words Yext app do?
  • Convert latitude and longitude of the Display address of each location entity into a what3words address and populate the what3words address field;
  • Identify an empty what3words field and populate it in real-time with the corresponding what3words address;
  • If the Display address of any Location entity changes, the what3words address will be updated in real-time;
  • The language of the Location entity will define the language of the what3words address;
  • Perform bulk updates of the what3words address if multiple addresses are changed.
3Install and set up what3words Yext app

Visit the Yext integration page at to install the what3words Yext application.

Alternatively, you can log in/sign up to your Yext account. Navigate to the what3words app listed in the Yext App Directory, then click “Install”.

You will need to log in/sign up to your what3words account.

You will be redirected to authorise the what3words application to access to the user’s entities in Yext. Click on the Authorise button to proceed.

You will be able to go back to your Yext’s entities by clicking View your entities button on the what3words plugins page.

Once successfully installed, the what3words Yext app will be displayed into your account under Apps > Your Apps section.

The what3words Yext app will automatically populate the what3words Address field when the default address used for your Location Entities are being just created in your Yext account.

You can find the what3words Address field within your Business Details form.

Note: This location displayed on the map is not accurate, since this Location entity has just been created on Yext. You will need to refine the location by following the guidelines mentioned above in order to obtain a more accurate what3words address.

The what3words app will automatically update the what3words Address field when:

1. the default address has been updated, e.g. from 65 alfred rd to 100 alfred rd.

Note: Currently, the what3words Yext integration converts the latitude and longitude of the default address to a what3words address. We recommend refining this location to the entrance of your location using map windows satellite view.

2. the Display Map Marker has been moved to a different position on the map.

Note: We suggest moving the position of the Display Map Marker on the map to the precise location of the entrance to get a more accurate what3words address.

The what3words app is available in the 50 languages supported by what3words.

The language of the Location entity will define the language of the what3words address.

If the language is not supported by what3words, it will default to an English what3words address.

You can change the way you want to display your what3words Address field in your Location entities:

  • You can move it up to the Core Information
  • You can enable it in the⁣ Preview form
    To update the Configuration of your Location entities, you will need to:
  • Click on the Configuration tab in your Entities
  • Select your Location entity
  • Click on the View Details button
  • Click on the Fields tab
  • Search for the what3words Address field
  • Drag this field up to your Core Information
  • Click Save
  • Then click on the Preview tab
  • Search for the what3words Address field
  • Enable this field on the Preview view of your entities
  • Click Save
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