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Installing the WooCommerce plugin


The what3words WooCommerce plugin enables you to add a 3 word address field to a WooCommerce checkout page. Users can then search for a 3 word address with 3 word address suggestions provided as a user types.

You will need a what3words API key to complete this tutorial.



To add the what3words WooCommerce plugin to a store first logon to your WooCommerce store admin portal. Select the “Plugins” tab from the menu and select “Add New” at the top of the page:

Search for “what3words” and click “Install Now” from the search result:

After the plugin has installed click to “Activate”


Enable field

The plugin will now be installed and a new “what3words Searchbox” item will appear under the Settings menu. In order to complete the set up enter:

  • API Key
  • Add the id or class for the object that should become the what3words input to the “Input Selector”. This is in the format .class or #id.

Click to save and the new field will appear on the checkout page

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