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Using the what3words for Excel add-in


The what3words for Excel add-in brings the functionality of the what3words API to Excel as part of Office 365. You can use the add-in to convert from coordinates to 3 word addresses or from 3 word addresses to coordinates using formulas within Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The add-in can be with recent versions of Excel for both Mac and Windows in addition to Excel via Windows 365 and Excel online.

You can download the add-in from the Office 365 store here.

Before you begin, you’ll need a what3words API key. If you don’t have one currently, you can register to get one here.

Once you have downloaded and installed the add-in, you will find a new what3words section under “Home” in your Excel toolbar. Here, you can set your API key and to begin using the add-in.

Please note – you may need to expand the “Home” section of your toolbar if you don’t see it initially!

There are several formulas you can use with the what3words for Excel add-on. Here, you can see the different options you have!


Convert to 3 word address

=W3W.CONVERTTO3WA(lat, long, lang)

To convert coordinates into the corresponding 3 word address, simply input the latitude and longitude as separate values and include the 2 digit ISO code for the language


Convert to coordinates


To convert a 3 word address into the corresponding coordinates, simply input the 3 word address in the correct format (e.g. filled.count.soap) into this formula.


Translate a 3 word address

=W3W.LANGUAGECHANGE(“address”, “language”)

With this formula, you can easily change the language of a 3 word address by having the 3 word address in question and the two letter code for the language as the input. For example, to find out the corresponding German 3 word address for filled.count.soap, I would have (“filled.count.soap”, “de”) as the input.


Return AutoSuggest

=W3W.AUTOSUGGEST(“address”, rank)

You can use this formula to return a result from the what3words AutoSuggest for an incomplete 3 word address. You just need to use the incomplete 3 word address up to the beginning of the third word along with the rank of the result you would like to return, i.e. 1 for the first result, 2 for the second and so on. It might look like (“”, 1) to return the first autosuggest result for


Return AutoSuggest with focus

=W3W.AUTOSUGGESTFOCUS(“address”, rank, lat, long)

As with the previous formula, this allows you to return an AutoSuggest result for an incomplete 3 word address, but this time using coordinates formatted as latitude and longitude to specify a focus around which results will be centred.


Return AutoSuggest with country clipping

=W3W.AUTOSUGGESTCOUNTRYCLIP(“address”, rank, “country”)

As with the previous, this allows you to return an AutoSuggest result for an incomplete 3 word address, but this time specifying a country within which results should be limited using the 2 digit country code. For example, using (“”, 2, “gb) would return the second ranked AutoSuggest result for “” within the UK.

Have any questions?

We’re here to support you! If you have any questions while using what3words for Excel, get in touch with us by writing us an email at

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