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Use the images, video and suggested wording below to easily create and share your news.


Use the text below and fill in the gaps to feature what3words in your newsletter.

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Find and share precise locations with what3words

Exact locations can be really hard to describe, especially in places without street addresses like parks, beaches and car parks

That’s why we’re using what3words. It’s an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 3 metre square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. For example, our meeting point for [activity] can be found at [///word.word.word]

Enter this what3words address into the free what3words app to view the location and tap ‘Navigate’, to get directions with your favourite navigation app.

Get help faster in an emergency (UK only)

You can use what3words when it’s hard to describe where you need help in an emergency. Many UK services accept what3words addresses. To be prepared, download the free app now by following this link:

Social media

Copy the wording and images below for your social media channels.

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We’re using @what3words to help our members find and share locations with just three words. Here’s how it works:

Some of our favourites

Community Safety Best Practice example for carousel
First Aid in Schools Best Practice example for carousel
Horses and People Best Practice example for carousel
RNLI Lifeboats Best Practice example for carousel
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Choose from a selection of posters to share your news on community noticeboards.

Local news release

Announce how you’re using what3words in your local newspaper or community magazines by filling in the missing information.

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Faroe Island coastal view with what3words address

Add a what3words address to your own images

Anyone can create engaging what3words images quickly and easily using the photo feature in the what3words app. We also have templates available for designers.

See below for examples of images made by our partners.

Ambulance in Tazmania Australia - call-out image
Easingwold country cottage with what3words address
A delivery in India - call-out image
Tata Nexon launch - co-branded call-out image
Time Out Tokyo - call-out image
Saudi Red Crescent Authority - call-out image
Triumph Miskovici - co-branded call-out image
DPD MBUX pilot - co-branded call-out image
Derby forest - grid call-out image
Graaff-Reinet Eastern Cape picnic - call-out image
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