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Health & Safety

Illustration of person holding what3words parcels

Create your own content with the assets and ideas below to encourage use of what3words.

Add badges to spread the word

Display the #KnowExactlyWhere badge on fleet vehicles and equipment to show that your organisation is set up to accept and use what3words addresses.

Add what3words addresses to site maps and signage

Help people know exactly where they are and direct resources to precise spots more efficiently.

Some of our favourites

Thames water sign featuring what3words address
Wanda Beach featuring what3words example
what3words address featured on notice board
what3words address on health and safety sign
what3words address on helmet
emergency throwline location with what3words address
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Join our community

The is a great place to stay up to date and exchange ideas with other health and safety professionals and like-minded people.

Sign up to Health & Safety in 3

Read rescue stories from companies using what3words for health and safety and share your own.

#KnowExactlyWhere stickers

We’ve designed country-specific #KnowExactlyWhere stickers to remind people that emergency services accept what3words.