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Installing the WordPress plugin


The what3words WordPress plugin enables you to add a what3words address field to a WordPress page.

You will need a what3words API key to complete this tutorial.



To add the what3words WordPress plugin to a WordPress site first logon to your WordPress admin portal. Select the “Plugins” tab from the menu and select “Add New” at the top of the page:

Search for “what3words” and click “Install Now” from the search result:

After the plugin has installed click to “Activate”


Enable field

The plugin will now be installed and a new “what3words Searchbox” item will appear under the Settings menu. In order to complete the set up enter:

  • API Key
  • Add the id or class for the object that should become the what3words input to the “Input Selector”. This is in the format .class or #id.

You can also choose placeholder text for the what3words address input field to help customers input their addresses correctly, for example, by using “e.g. index.home.raft” as an example.

Load your page and you should now see the input with what3words functionality

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