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The what3words API is a fast and simple interface that allows you to convert 3 word addresses to coordinates and vice versa. It features a powerful AutoSuggest function, which can validate user input and limit it to certain geographic areas. We offer a variety of libraries, including Java, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Node.js, PHP and more to make our API easy to integrate for your business.

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Our API is designed to work with the speech recognition technology of your current voice supplier. If your voice supplier needs help recognising 3 word addresses, don't hesitate to get in touch.
The what3words API translates 3 word addresses to GPS coordinates. It does not provide map or routing data. However, our API does provide a layer that can be used with any mapping software, meaning it can work well as part of your existing mapping, addressing and route optimisation solutions.
The what3words API has a grid-section function (learn more at: This returns grid lines for the area supplied in GeoJSON format, which can be directly added to a web map or desktop GIS such as QGIS. To add the what3words grid to a Google Map, watch this short tutorial:
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