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Search for 3 word addresses in ArcGIS Online


This tutorial will take you through how to search for a 3 word address within ArcGIS Online and to publish in a web application.

Prerequisite: Set up the what3words ArcGIS Locator within ArcGIS Online and add as a Utility Service.


Select the locator

The what3words address search should appear in the search box within the ArcGIS Online Map. Selecting “All” will allow a user to search for a 3 word address or a traditional address within the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service. Selecting “what3words” searches only for 3 word addresses.



Search for a 3 word address and hit enter. The user will be shown suggestions using what3words AutoSuggest.

The map will pan to the 3 word address.


Publishing in a Web App

The Locator can be used within published web applications and configured to meet users needs. An example of the search in action within a web application can be found here.

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