Brand basics

Use the what3words brand guidelines to create a globally consistent experience that is simple, reliable and bold.

Mission: Helping everyone talk about everywhere

Brand principles


We make our technology accessible and effortless to use.


We inspire trust by being consistent and collaborative.

We create a positive impact by building a global standard.

The primary what3words logo is the Horizontal Logo with a Red symbol and Dark Blue wordmark. Minimum clear space is the height of the 3.

The download file contains reverse and single colour options as well as other variations of the lock up.

Brand in text

what3words is always written in lowercase as one word with no spaces.

There are no capital letters even at the start of a sentence.

The name has no spaces and we avoid writing “w3w”.


what 3 words

Don’t abbreviate – “w3w” or “W3W”


what3words core brand uses a lot of white, a little bit of dark blue and just a touch of red.

There are eight secondary colours and three tints of grey to add some extra colour to the world.

Core brand colours

Dark Blue
R10 G48 B73
C100 M60 Y20 K50
PMS 540

R225 G31 B38
C10 M100 Y80 K0
PMS 186

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

Secondary colours

R242 G108 B80
C0 M82 Y82 K0
PMS 7417

R83 B193 G138
C81 M0 Y93 K0
PMS 7481

R46 B113 G184
C100 M63 Y0 K5
PMS 2935

R197 B176 G0
C0 M6 Y100 K23
PMS 3975

R244 G163 B68
C0 M40 Y97 K0
PMS 1375

R135 B225 G209
C40 M0 Y19 K0
PMS 3245

Light Blue
R153 B213 G229
C52 M0 Y0 K0
PMS 297

R246 B211 G31
C0 M0 Y99 K0
PMS 102

R54 B54 G54
C0 M0 Y0 K85
PMS 446

Medium Grey
R167 B167 G167
C35 M23 Y19 K2
PMS 429

Light grey
R224 B224 G224
C14 M8 Y4 K0
PMS 427


For Latin scripts we use Source Sans Pro. It is clear, precise and works well at the Regular to Black weights. We use this typeface for digital, product and print.

For accessibility purposes we do not use Light or Ultra Light weights.

To display copy over images we place the text in a band.

A what3words address is displayed as all text in the Semibold weight.

Header in Source Sans Pro Bold

Sub-header in Source Sans Pro Semibold

Text in Source Sans Pro Regular

Don’t use light or ultra light.
They aren’t easy enough to read.


what3words works in over 50 languages and we recommend specific typefaces for all other alphabets like Thai, Punjabi, Japanese and Cyrillac.

Text on images

A what3words address is displayed as all text, Semibold weight.

To display text over images we place the text in a band.

what3words address

A what3words address is displayed in lowercase text as three forward slashes word dot word dot word. There are no spaces. Use full text display for most usage.


Our imagery tells stories about real people and the ways they use what3words to improve lives around the world. Our images show a clear use case, are authentic and are never exploitative.

Grids & Callouts style

The grid is made of 3 metre squares which we show as a graphic overlay in stills and motion. This helps the viewer visualise how what3words works. A 3 metre square is about four steps across.

A callout is what we call a what3words address graphic that points to a specific location on an image. It’s important to show the ground to connect a what3words address with a 3 metre square location on the earth.

Be as accurate as possible, and respect the privacy of private homes and government areas by choosing demonstration locations.

what3words glyph

For web and app developers.

The what3words symbol glyph can be used as an app or feature icon with the word “what3words”. It can also be used with a what3words address or input field.

Please don’t use the /// glyph without the what3words brand name or a 3 word address.

There are also what3words Voice and Scan glyphs available to download.

Looking for more guidance?

If you have any other brand and design related questions contact: