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How to add the what3words Locator to ArcGIS Desktop


This tutorial will take you through the steps required to add the what3words ArcGIS locator to ArcGIS Desktop.

Further information on the features of the Locator can be found here.

Setting up the Locator in ArcGIS Desktop takes a few seconds. Once set up it will be available across the ArcGIS Desktop suite.

Requires ArcGIS 10.6 or newer.

Getting started with Dazi, GIS Technical Account Manager at what3words:


Adding to ArcCatalog

Open ArcCatalog and in the Catalog Tree expand “GIS Servers” and select “Add ArcGIS Server.”

In the popup “Use GIS services”

On the next screen enter the following details:

URL: Enter the URL for the what3words Locator. In ArcGIS Desktop adding the following URL will add all Languages to ArcGIS Desktop:

Username: Your email address

Password: Your what3words API key

Select “Save Username/Password”


Using within ArcGIS

Once added, the Locator can be used within the rest of the ArcGIS suite to search for 3 word addresses, discover the 3 word address for a location and batch geocode locations within ArcGIS Toolbox.

Within ArcGIS Desktop when converting to 3 word address (reverse geocoding) the Locator in the language for the 3 word addresses to be displayed should be selected.

Check out our other tutorials for how to use within ArcGIS Online and for further use with ArcGIS Desktop

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