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To start using the what3words ArcGIS Locator, first sign up to get get your API Key.

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ArcGIS Locator

The what3words ArcGIS Locator brings the functionality of the what3words API to the ArcGIS platform. You can use the locator throughout the ArcGIS product suite wherever a custom locator can be added. This includes ArcGIS Desktop - ArcCatalog and ArcMap as well as ArcGIS Pro.

On web, you can use the locator within ArcGIS Online and any products able to connect to Online such as in app using Survey123. Or for GIS developers the ArcGIS APIs and SDKs in the Developer suite can harness the ArcGIS Locator as a Restful API.

The Locator gives you the ability to convert to and from coordinates, or more commonly known within ArcGIS as forward/reverse address geocoding. Functionality varies by ArcGIS product so take a look at our tutorials to see how the locator works within ArcGIS.

Get an API key

Sign up to get get your free API key.

Request access to the Locator

Email providing your API key to be added to the locator. We’ll let you know when you’ve been added.

Access your login details

The username for the Locator will be your API key. The password can be viewed in your account here .

Adding to ArcGIS

The steps to add to the ArcGIS platform vary by product. See our tutorials below for each product.

Accessing the Locator programmatically

The full capabilities of the locator can be viewed here along with the languages the service is available in. If you are accessing the Locator programmatically then full API reference docs are available here.

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Adding the what3words ArcGIS Locator to ArcGIS Online is straightforward. Watch the following tutorial for step-by-step instructions:

You can add the locator as Content in ArcGIS Online and then make it available to your whole organisation as a Utility Service from within the Organization settings. Watch the following tutorial for a step-by-step guide:

The what3words ArcGIS Locator works within apps that connect to ArcGIS Online and accept a custom locator. The locator works with Survey123 and can be used to search and discover 3 word addresses, and add them as a survey question. Watch a step-by-step tutorial here:

The public what3words ArcGIS Locator is available for online applications only. In order to set up an offline version of the Locator you can set up a local version of the Locator alongside our API Server or C++ SDK. Find out more here: https:///

Yes. Our ArcGIS locator provides the same response as our API does for a record in China. You will need to make sure you display the 3 word address in the correct coordinate system that matches your other datasets. If you display the 3 word address on a map, make sure the map is a licensed Chinese map using the correct coordinate system. The standard ArcGIS Online map will work for this purpose.

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