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Installing Swiftcomplete Address Validation plugin for WooCommerce


Swiftcomplete is now available as an easy-to-install address validation plugin for WooCommerce in the UK, including full support for what3words. You can install it directly from the WordPress Plugins Directory for address autocomplete on the billing and shipping fields in your WooCommerce checkout page.
This plugin quickly captures postal addresses alongside what3words addresses to improve delivery accuracy.

WordPress Minimum Supported Version: 4.7 or higher

Swiftcomplete Zip file:



To use this plugin, you will need to log in or sign up to:

  1. Create a Swiftcomplete account (or sign in if you are already registered);
  2. Go to the API keys page, and create a what3words API key;Note: what3words functionality is optional in Swiftcomplete you will need to enable it manually on the Settings page of the Swiftcomplete plugin.


You can install the Swiftcomplete plugin by uploading this zip file to the Plugins panel.

  1. Navigate to the Plugins > Add New;
  2. Now click Upload Plugin;
  3. Click Choose file, and then select the Swiftcomplete WooCommerce plugin ZIP file that you have just downloaded;
  4. Click the Install Now button.
  5. Once installed, you can click the Activate Plugin button on the Plugins page.

Enable what3words

To enable what3words addresses alongside their postal addresses, you need to:

  1. Go to the Swiftcomplete API keys page, and create a what3words API key;
  2. Copy this API key and paste it on the API key text box of the Swiftcomplete Settings page. You can find this page on your WordPress Dashboard, click Settings (on the left menu bar) and then click Swiftcomplete;
  3. Tick Enable what3words;
  4. Then, click Save.

Setup without what3words

In case you do not wish to add what3words functionality to your billing and shipping address fields, you need to:

  1. Go to the Swiftcomplete API keys page, and create an Address Autocomplete API key;
  2. Copy this API key and paste it on the API key text box of the Swiftcomplete Settings page;
  3. Then, click Save.

Test the plugin

To Check if the plugin has been installed successfully, please visit your checkout page. There should be a new Address Finder search field in the billing and shipping address sections.

Try searching for a postcode or a what3words address. Click the address, and it should be filled into your form correctly.
When a what3words address is captured in this field it will be saved alongside your order details and will be visible in order preview and shipping label screens.


Purchase a credit pack

The Swiftcomplete plugin is free to install but your Swiftcomplete account comes with free trial credits valid for 14 days, which can be used to test a few addresses and ensure that your plugin works correctly.

Once you’re happy with the plugin, go to the billing section and choose a credit pack.

Credit packs are valid for up to 12 months, and any unused addresses expire after a year.



You should now be up and running with Swiftcomplete address validation in your WooCommerce checkout.

Any problems? Get in touch with Swiftcomplete customer support team and they will be able to support you with any requests.

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