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This tutorial outlines how to integrate what3words into an e-commerce store to include an optional 3 word address field on the store checkout page, so that users can add the exact destination for their delivery.

Those using Magento 1 or 2, WooCommerce, OpenCart or Shopify Plus can make use of our quick out-of-the-box plugins. For those with custom-built sites or other platforms, the Autosuggest Component is recommended.

You will need a what3words API key to complete this tutorial.


Determine whether to use an ecommerce plugin or the AutoSuggest Component

what3words maintains a number of e-commerce plugins to help you get up and running quickly. The plugins automatically create an optional what3words input field on your checkout page. This field has inbuilt AutoSuggest functionality, which automatically displays a drop-down list of relevant 3 word address suggestions as the user types. This reduces errors and incorrect submissions.

Currently, what3words maintains plugins for:

  • Magento 1 & 2
  • WordPress & WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Shopify Plus

Take a look at the following tutorial to learn more about setting up these plugins:

Magento 1: https://developer.what3words.com/tutorial/installing-the-magento-1-extension/
Magento 2: https://developer.what3words.com/tutorial/installing-the-magento-2-extension/
WordPress & WooCommerce: https://developer.what3words.com/tutorial/installing-the-woocommerce-plugin/
OpenCart: https://developer.what3words.com/tutorial/installing-the-what3words-opencart-plugin/
Shopify: https://developer.what3words.com/tutorial/adding-the-what3words-shopify-app/

If your e-commerce store platform is not listed above, our AutoSuggest Component is the way to go. Almost as easy to integrate as our plugins, the AutoSuggest Component requires copying and pasting a couple of lines of JavaScript code into your checkout page. This will then display a what3words input field, complete with AutoSuggest, where information captured can be linked with your order management system.

Take a look at our tutorial to learn more about integrating the AutoSuggest Component


Add country clipping

If suitable we recommend setting up country clipping so that the 3 word address suggestions provided to the user are within the delivery country.

In our plugins and with the AutoSuggest Component this can be done by either selecting a fixed country or by linking the country clipping to the users delivery country field.

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