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E-commerce plugins

It’s easy to add a 3 word address field to your online checkout. what3words plugins are available for all major e-commerce platforms.

E-commerce FAQs

All of our e-commerce plugins allow for country clipping to be applied restricting search results to a particular country. Read our e-commerce tools pages to learn how to configure this for each plugin: https://developer.what3words.com/tools/e-commerce

As long as your platform allows for customisation of your checkout page, you can add a 3 word address input field to the page. We recommend using our JavaScript Autosuggest Component, which just involves adding a script and an HTML element to the page. Watch this quick tutorial to find out more: https://developer.what3words.com/tutorial/creating-an-autosuggest-input-box-with-what3words-js/

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